Client: Isabel & Jack


Crafting Bespoke Wedding Invitations and Stationery: A Dolce & Gabbana-Inspired Celebration in Marzamemi

In the heart of Marzamemi, where love and luxury met, Isabel and Jack embarked on a wedding journey inspired by Dolce & Gabbana’s opulence. Every detail, from bespoke wedding invitations to day-of stationery, was a testament to their commitment to creating an extraordinary celebration.

Bespoke Invitations

A Fashion-Forward Prelude Isabel and Jack’s wedding invitations were more than just paper; they were a work of art. Drawing inspiration from watercolour Sicilian tiles and traditional designs, the box invitations featured intricate traditional Sicilian designs, rich gold accents, scarlet red trimmings and a deep blue palette reminiscent of Dolce & Gabbana’s iconic creations. They served as a stylish prelude to the grandeur that awaited.

Day-of Stationery

Elevating Every Moment The day of stationery was equally exceptional. Sumptuous ceremony fan programs, table cards featuring intricate lace motifs, and various boards and table plans were designed to exude Dolce & Gabbana’s signature style. Each piece elevated the guest experience, making every moment unforgettable.

Isabel and Jack’s wedding in Marzamemi was a celebration where love met runway, and where every detail, from bespoke invitations to day-of stationery, spoke volumes about their love story and their passion for design. It was a reminder that in the world of weddings, even the smallest details can make the grandest statements.

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