Client: Alexandre & James

Scottish tartan and peacocks, a union of elegance.

Embrace the enchantment of Scotland with this tailor-made wedding invitation suite, thoughtfully designed for a same-sex couple celebrating their love amidst the majestic beauty of Scottish landscapes. This bespoke creation is a heartfelt nod to their shared heritage and a tribute to their adoration of peacocks, symbolising the vibrancy and uniqueness of their union. The invitation features intricate tartan accents, a testament to the couple’s roots, and exuberant peacock feather designs, reflecting their profound connection to these regal birds. Presented in a stately navy blue envelope and sealed with a traditional wax stamp, this suite sets the stage for a wedding steeped in personal significance and Scottish pride. It is a beautifully crafted herald of their upcoming nuptials, inviting guests to partake in a ceremony that celebrates love in its most authentic and splendid form.

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