the bespoke service

Luxury Bespoke Handmade Stationery

Many people get confused about what bespoke means and what is the difference between Bespoke Wedding Invitations and Custom Wedding Invitations.

Bespoke Wedding Invitations It means an invitation that has “been spoken for”. Bespoke originally referred to fashion and is when one tailor creates a suit from scratch for one person. This usually takes multiple fittings as the pattern is drafted directly on the person. And so we do with your invitation and stationery. We paint it from scratch, we create unique concepts, and we use precious materials.

Custom Wedding Invitations or Made to Measure

This is a completely different process than bespoke as it does not involve one on one “tailors fitting”. Made to measure is based on pre-set patterns/templates. The pre-set pattern is scaled up or down, you can change colours but really, this is pretty much it! This process is machine operated.

Well we do ONLY BESPOKE. Because we want delivery the best to our clients and really, we don’t like to repeat ourself.

We offer a free initial consultation in our studio, where we will be able to talk about your vision, colours, designs, materials and all the techniques available for printing.

Not only will be a unique experience but will also deliver the right presentation of your wedding to your guests.